The Institute of Sport Physiotherapy is renowned for the fast effective rehabilitation of patient injuries, most of whom become loyal patients – read our testimonials. We use our 40 years of experience to rehabilitate general and sports injuries for patients of all ages, including children.

Our treatment therapies, based on our Interferential therapy, are very effective at restoring activity. Because of our superior treatment results, we have been selected to provide our services to various New Zealand national sports teams.

We start by doing a thorough initial assessment of your injury to devise the most effective treatment for you. We are an Accredited ACC EPN Provider meaning that we measure injury outcomes in terms of function and pain and are assessed on these by outcomes by ACC.

A doctor’s referral is not required for treatment by us or for acceptance of an injury claim by ACC.

We assure you of our best attention to your injury and a speedy recovery.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our clinics.

Graeme Hayhow
Institute of Sport Physiotherapy

Choosing Institute of Sport Physiotherapy

Why should you approach Institute of Sport Physio for your treatment needs?

  • We operate from our Grafton clinic and serve patients in Grafton, Newmarket, Auckland Hospital and Mt. Eden areas.
  • Our professionals are knowledgeable in the various types of general and sports-related injuries, and how to treat them.
  • We offer a large range of treatment options and modalities, as well as some specialist treatments. We can accommodate your every physiotherapy need.
  • Through our treatments, we hope to put you on the fast road to recovery. We want to restore you to peak condition, and we will do everything we can.
  • Our team is highly experienced, and very approachable. Let us take good care of you with our treatments and attention to detail.
  • We offer a fast and efficient booking service, so that you do not have to wait for too long for your treatments.
  • ACC does not require you to visit a GP. We do everything that a GP does for your injury. We regularly refer patients for Ultrasonic Scans and X-Rays and if you have a condition that is outside our specialty, we will refer you on to the most appropriate specialty. And at all times, we keep your GP in the picture.

Contact Us

For more information on our treatments, you may call us at (09) 379 5767 for our Grafton clinic or visit our contact us page and send us your inquiries.