Having back pain is not only uncomfortable, it can also be pointing to a more serious condition that you should immediately address. Otherwise, it may worsen to a more debilitating condition that could severely affect your mobility.

Determining the cause of back pain is just one important aspect of bringing you relief once more. There are various ways of finding out where the problem could be coming from, but what is going to be crucial is how soon you seek the answers to this question.

Quick Solutions not for Long-Time Relief

The common perception is that as long as pain relief is had, the problem is more or less solved already. However, without identifying the root cause, the possibility is big that the problem remains unresolved and so will keep coming back.

manipulative physiotherapy

When a patient approaches a PT, massage therapy will most likely be offered. While it’s true that it can offer relaxation for a while, it does not necessarily address the muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions that cause your back pain. As such, the treatment is only a short term solution.

Other methods that will most likely be offered when you visit a physio in Takapuna or elsewhere include ultrasound, electrical stimulation and acupuncture. All these are geared towards improving blood flow, circulation and range of motion. These too may not solve the source of the injury and therefore pain may return.

Effective Manual Therapy

Practitioners of physiotherapy, such as those from the Institute of Sport Physio, ideally should delve deep into the root cause of the condition – muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions. Only then can you be able to relieve yourself of the back pain that’s been ailing you once and for all.

Manipulative Therapy is actually an effective method of dealing with back pain, precisely because it deals directly with the central nervous system, which controls all bodily functions. By doing manipulative therapy, any interference in the nervous system brought about by spinal misalignment is relieved. A better flow of these signals, of course, naturally translate to a clearer transmission between organs and other parts of the body. Overall, communication within the body is thereby improved.

Should you still be at a loss as to why your back pain keeps recurring, you might as well give manipulative physiotherapy a try. With the help of reliable and experienced physiotherapists such as Graeme Hayhow and Brendan King of the Institute of Sport Physiotherapy, you should be able to soon feel relief from back pain that’s been ailing you once and for all.