Institute of Sport Physiotherapy, which serves Milford and neighboring areas, offers $15 OFF its Private Physio Treatments for NEW patients until November 30, 2015.


With the warmer weather, we get more engaged in many outdoor activities such as house work, leisure, and sports. While these give us our much-needed workout from winter’s hibernation, bodily pains may also be inevitable from excessive exertion. You don’t have to suffer from niggling pain.

Until November 30, the Institute of Sport Physiotherapy is giving NEW patients around Milford a $15 discount on our standard price for Private Treatments.

We treat all kinds of sports and general injuries. Our therapies include ultrasound, acupuncture, ERPT, kinesio taping, interferential and manipulation. So, if you feel pain in your lower back, neck, spine, arms and legs; are experiencing nerve and joint pain; or are in need of surgical rehabilitation, count on us to make your Spring pain-free. We’ll also teach you exercises to prevent future pain.

We have 40 years of combined experience in rehabilitating general and sports injuries for both adults and children. As a trusted physio facility serving Milford and other neighboring areas, we conduct regular in-house training and ensure that our professionals are up-to-date with the current treatment trends. Don’t let those achy joints and stiff muscles spoil Spring for you. Take advantage of our treatment discount while it lasts!


  • NEW patients get a $15 discount for private treatments.
  • Bookings for all treatments are required either via phone at (09) 486 5075 or online.
  • New patients need not book online but will receive free treatment surcharge if they do.
  • Doctor’s referral for treatment or for acceptance of an injury claim by ACC is not required.
  • Promo runs until November 30, 2015