Grafton, Auckland (September 3, 2015) – Physio and rehabilitation services provider Institute of Sport Physiotherapy (IOSP), based in Grafton, centres practice on in-depth knowledge and hands-on clinical skills to help patients achieve pain-free living.

The IOSP believes in using full restoration of mobility to body parts affected by pain or injury for its patients to obtain a pain-free and healthy living. The provider believes that the benefits of professionally guided physiotherapy are vital in aiming for this goal. Therefore, it’s necessary for physiotherapy to follow a scientific procedure and only be carried out by an expert.

The IOSP provides physiotherapy and rehabilitative treatment to alleviate pain and disability and, at the same time, restore the optimal physical function of the affected body part/s and the overall health of the patient. The provider only assigns experts who have adequate knowledge and skills to treat patients. Aside from these, members of the staff also uphold the values of trust, integrity, and respect in all practices.

Therapists from the IOSP commit to a precise and patient-centric process in their treatment. The provider recognizes that each patient is a unique case, which makes following the process crucial. First, the therapist assesses the patient’s injury and determines the extent of its effects on the body. Then, he gathers other important data about the patient. Based on these, he will design a treatment plan meant to address the patient’s particular needs.

Among the common cases tackled by IOSP are sports injuries. In such cases, the provider aims to restore the patient’s full and pain-free mobility in the shortest time possible. Attaining this allows the patient to go back to participating in their respective sports in a timely manner, which is especially important for time-constrained events. For more details on the range of services of IOSP, proceed to

About Institute of Sport Physiotherapy

The Institute of Sport Physiotherapy has two main clinics, namely in Grafton and Takapuna. Renowned physiotherapist Graeme Hayhow leads the Grafton clinic with his 40 years of experience in physiotherapy and musculoskeletal injuries. He has been selected to provide such services to many sports teams, including the NZ All Blacks, NZ Maori All Blacks, NZ Cricket Team, Americas Cup Fremantle, NZ Athletics, NZ All Whites, NZ Badminton, NZ Royal Ballet, and Oceania Amateur Athletic World Cup.