Physiotherapy is beneficial in the treatment of several conditions, which are mostly mobility or fitness related. Some injuries necessitate rehabilitation to restore the body to its original state. The conditions that require physiotherapy treatment are sports injuries, occupational injuries and post-surgical pain. It is vital to get treatment from a medical professional with proper qualifications in the field.

Sport Physio

In Grafton, the Institute of Sports Physiotherapy offers various services for people who need rehabilitation. A physiotherapist works to improve mobility, coordination, and strengthen muscles and reduce their pain. One of the methods that therapists at the clinic use is Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT).

How it Works

EPRT works by using a BodiHealth unit, which delivers micro electro currents. The current that the machine emits corresponds with the electro-current of the body cells. When the energy current enters the system, the body recognises it and uses it to regenerate imbalanced cells. Regeneration of cells allows them to operate properly again, which triggers the body’s healing.

The operating principle of the EPRT device is that the body has self-healing properties, and it just needs the right trigger. Imbalances happen in the body all the time, and they interfere with healing. The introduction of ultra-low currents allows the mitochondria to balance cell functions. Besides cell regeneration, it allows detoxification on a cellular level, which facilitates healing.

Conditions to Treat With EPRT

There have been studies to analyse the effectiveness of EPRT. Research shows that healing occurs differently in people, and it depends on various conditions. One function of EPRT is to reduce stress levels in the body and improve the balance of serotonin and melatonin. The Institute of sport physio can offer EPRT treatment for conditions like post-surgical pain, acute injuries (recreational and occupational), non-union fractures, 2nd and 3rd-degree burns, leg ulcers, back pain and chronic health problems.

Why EPRT is Beneficial

EPRT is non-invasive, and that is one of the reasons it is popular. The rehabilitation process can be painful, especially with devastating injuries. Sometimes the use of medication is necessary to facilitate treatment. A patient who does not want to take drugs can get EPRT. The device is also suitable because it uses ultra-low currents, which is unlike in other electro-therapy treatment methods.

It is fundamental to talk to a professional to find out if EPRT would be suitable for your condition. For Grafton physio, you can get EPRT treatment at the Institute of Sport Physiotherapy. You can read testimonials to find out what clients love about the services and why they keep going back.

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