Parnell, Auckland (September 3, 2015) – The Institute of Sport Physio (IOSP) provides physiotherapy and rehabilitative services to patients in Grafton and the surrounding areas, including Parnell and Newmarket.

The IOSP imparts the benefits of physiotherapy to patients who were injured or are going through pain. Through the restoration of full mobility of the affected body part/s, the patient regains healthy, pain-free living as well as the confidence to carry out daily activities that the injury or pain may have compromised.

The IOSP states that it recognises the toll that daily life may take on the human body, and also the importance of professional guidance when it comes to dealing with injuries and pain. As such, each therapist is equipped with in-depth knowledge and hands-on clinical skills to effectively help patients regain pain-free and full physical function.

In treating patients, whether they experienced a sports injury or have a disability because of a musculoskeletal disorder, the physiotherapists of IOSP follow a streamlined process: assess, diagnose, and treat. They acknowledge that each case is different and will have unique needs, which is why they pay attention to the assessment and diagnosis phases to formulate a customised treatment plan.

As its name implies, one of the main categories of cases the provider deals with is sports injury, and speed of recovery is well regarded in these cases. While the IOSP emphasises fast recovery for all cases, the importance is more pronounced for sports injuries. Competition events are time-restrictive so participants should be in optimal condition as quickly as possible.

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About Institute of Sport Physiotherapy

The Institute of Sport Physiotherapy offers its services to people from Mt. Eden, Newmarket, Grafton, Parnell, Takapuna, Milford, and other nearby areas from two main locations. Clare Leigh is one of the physiotherapists in IOSP. Her specialisation includes women’s sports injuries. She handles problems with impact sports, endurance activities, and general mobility issues.