Auckland, New Zealand (15 March 2016) – The Institute of Sport Physio is trusted and recognised as the premier sports injury rehab clinic by many of New Zealand’s national sports teams. Athletes in different sports including soccer, rugby, cricket, badminton and yachting. The Institute of Sport Physiotherapy (IOSP) has been at the forefront of sports injury rehabilitation for over 40 years.

The IOSP began in 1980 when Graeme Hayhow, founder of the company was invited to be a travelling physio with many national sports teams. He later established the Institute of Sport and Corporate Health Gym, a practice focused on fitness for corporate people and top sports teams in 1984. The emphasis on scientific individual conditioning programs for this later became the basis for the programs used by physios in the IOSP. The treatments are designed to enhance recovery and prevent injuries from occurring.

Recognising that injured people need to get back to competition as fast as possible, the company’s mantra is to do it within 7 days of injury where possible. Sports injury rehabilitation services currently comprises at least 60 percent of the business. The practice offers treatment for all sports injuries, all general injuries, lower back pain, nerve pain, joint pain as well as for injuries in the neck, spine, shoulder, arm, elbow, hand, leg, knee, ankle and feet. IOSP also refers patients for surgical rehabilitation for more severe injuries. IOSP’s treatment regimes and experience are key in helping clients return to activity in a reasonable timeframe.

The Institute of Sport Physio has two locations in Auckland – Grafton and Takapuna, managed by Graeme Hayhow and Brendan King, two of the foremost sports injury rehab specialists in the area. Additionally, IOSP manages the physical careers of several individual athletes to help them continue competing at their high level.

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About Institute Of Sport Physiotherapy

The Institute Of Sport Physiotherapy was established to provide high quality treatments for successful recovery from all injuries. The company’s goal is to assist patients to live a healthy, pain-free life while maintaining fitness to excel in their chosen level in any sport. IOSP offers treatment services to patients in Grafton, Milford, Takapuna, Mt. Eden, Newmarket, Parnell and other surrounding areas.