Across New Zealand, too many people suffer from chronic back pain. It is a condition that often limits movement and a person’s abilities to carry on with their tasks and other activities day to day. The costs of suffering from this has also been great but unfortunately, no conventional pain remedy has ever worked to provide permanent relief.

In New Zealand, Back Pain Is Far Too Common and Costly

The numbers are simply staggering. According to the New Zealand Medical Journal, as much as 24 percent of New Zealanders have reported experiencing  back pain at some point in their lives. The pain levels range from moderate to severe. Unfortunately, a good number of the treatments and medications they have already tried basically don’t work and if they work, the relief is only for a short period of time. Pretty soon, the pain comes back and suffering begins once more.

Institute of Sport Physio: Try Muscle Balance Treatment for Back Pain

Conventional Treatments Fail to Address the Muscle Imbalance That Causes Back Pain

If you think about it, the problem with most treatments for back pain is they only focus on the pain itself and ignore the cause of the condition. What some fail to realize is that oftentimes, chronic pain is caused by muscle imbalance that have occurred in the patient over the course of time.

Muscle imbalance occurs if there are tight and overdeveloped muscles in one area of the body where opposing muscles are weak. These imbalances can occur in any part of your body and no one is safe from it. In fact, everyone experiences a form of muscle imbalance at some point in their lives, regardless of their sex, age, or even level of fitness.

More often than not, muscle imbalance is a result of one or more of your regular routines. It could be the activity that you are tasked to do in the office five days a week, your weekly round of sports, or daily workout routine in the gym. On the other hand, it can also result from household chores. When a certain part of your body is used in the same manner frequently, muscle imbalance can occur without warning.

Muscle imbalance presents itself as a great deal of discomfort and pain. This is exactly what could be happening inside your body when you experience any form of back pain. Fortunately, back pain as a result of muscle imbalance can be easily treated. In fact, the most recommended therapy for it is aptly named muscle balance treatment.

Muscle Balance Treatment Eliminates Pain for Good

Muscle balance treatment is an innovative approach in working to eliminate any form of back pain from your body for good. Instead of just looking to treat the pain itself like other types of treatment, an Institute of Sport physio will to create an individualized program to address the cause of muscle imbalance. This is because pain is just a symptom.

The treatment starts through a comprehensive physical and visual assessment of all the muscles in your body that affect the stability of your spine, hips and pelvis. What the physio is looking at here is your flexibility and strength. The moment the assessment is complete, your physio will design a highly targeted program of corrective exercises, also called an “unbalanced workout”. Once your muscles are back in balance, the stress in your joints, muscles, and ligaments will be eliminated and pain will disappear.

Are you tired of living with unimaginable back pain? Don’t give up hope that it can be gone for good. Speak with a physiotherapist about muscle balance treatment to see how this innovative mode of treatment can help you live without pain.


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