The Institute Of Sport Physiotherapy (IOSP) is an established provider of physio and rehabilitation services in Auckland. Our unique multidisciplinary approach to therapy and treatment allows us to provide the highest level of rehabilitation and recovery services. Whether you’re dealing with sports or general injury, IOSP is the answer.

Company Mission

Our mission at IOSP is to provide an environment that promotes effective physical rehabilitation of an injured individual. In-house resources, manual therapy, physical and electrical treatments, specific exercises, and relevant education are all employed according to the patient’s needs. We aim to ensure our patients’ return to physical activity safely, quickly, and with optimal efficiency. The various multidisciplinary professionals that comprise our team are all dedicated towards collaborating and coordinating so that the patient can attain his or her objectives.

Company Vision

We want to be more than just a sports physiotherapy clinic. Through strategic alliances with leading local complementary health and fitness services, IOSP strives to maintain solid working relationships with our patients. Regardless of the type and degree of injury, our patients can always count on receiving the same quality service we’ve come to be known for.

Our Commitment

Our sole focus is to help patients obtain the results they want. From the onset, you can trust us to give you a thorough treatment plan on your first visit so you’ll understand your injury better. Our therapists are trained to assess your whole body and design your treatment accordingly. With us, you’re sure to get answers to your questions.

Our Values

IOSP is a value-driven organisation with services that are founded on respect, integrity, and most importantly trust. These values are ingrained in all of our services, and a key reason why our patients stay loyal to us after so many years. To them, we have become the first choice when it comes to treating all kinds of sports and general injury.

Get in touch with us for all your physiotherapy needs and become a part of our rapidly growing community. We have two locations with staff that’ll be more than glad to serve you:

Grafton Physio Clinic
Phone: (09) 379 5767
Fax: (09) 303 2144

Takapuna Physio Clinic
Phone/Fax: (09) 486 5075