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SIX qualities that make Institute of Sport Physiotherapy the best

  • We operate from two locations, Physio Grafton and Physio Takapuna, and both clinics make their services available to all those within our area, including the communities of Milford, Forrest Hill, Mt. Eden and Newmarket.
  • Graeme Hayhow, a well respected expert Auckland physio with 40 years experience, at Grafton clinic and Brendan King, a rising star in Auckland physio circles with over 10 years experience, at Takapuna clinic are very knowledgeable in the treatment of all types of general and sports-related injuries.
  • We offer a large range of proven treatment options and modalities, as well as some specialist treatments. Some of our treatment methods are not widely used but they get great results. Through our treatments, we put you on the fast road to recovery and will restore you to peak condition.
  • We have amazing testimonials and reviews from our patients ranging from those who have no seen results at previous physios to children to top sports pros to those with everyday injuries. We have fixed ALL their injuries in a timely manner.
  • We offer a fast and efficient booking service, so that you do not have to wait for long for your treatments.
  • ACC does not require you to visit a GP. We do everything that a GP does for your injury. We regularly refer patients for Ultrasonic Scans and X-Rays and if you have a condition that is outside our specialty, we will refer you on to the most appropriate specialist. And at all times, we keep your GP in the picture.

Physio Grafton

See what our patients say about us

  • I have been coming to the Institute of Sport Physio for more than 20 years. Graeme and the team have kept my body in good shape for my different sports. Klaus
  • These guys are amazing. They got me back on my feet and helped me compete at my best in jujitsu. Clinton
  • Graeme and team deliver a very effective and knowledgeable service. The EPRT treatments plus other treatment techniques are allowing me to live a relatively normal life again. Warren
  • The team is super helpful, friendly and communicative. Everyone is focused on helping me get back on track for my goals. I appreciate that a variety of tools and techniques are used and love that they are an experienced team. Rhieley
  • Graeme’s approach to my injury has been refreshingly different to others in the past and I’m confident that with his care I’m seeing some encouraging results. Nicola
  • Excellent professional service with the patient’s physical and mental wellbeing always met to extreme high standards. Have been with Graeme since 2002 and will continue to use Graeme’s services for years to come. Adam

Three ways you can book with Grafton:

PHONE us to introduce yourself – Grafton Physio Clinic, phone 379 5767

BOOK ONLINE at and choose Grafton Physio Clinic


Physio Takapuna

See what our patients say about us

  • Awesome treatment from day 1 from Brendan. Great progress and advice. Very professional and friendly service every time. Can’t recommend enough – best physio I’ve been to – and I’ve been to a lot! Mark
  • Brendan is an excellent physio who has successfully treated a number of injuries. Because of his sports background and training, his knowledge in analysing an injury and determining the appropriate treatment is very accurate. It is always a pleasure dealing with Brendan and Jocelyn. Paul
  • I recently consulted Brendan for an undiagnosed knee problem. After a few sessions I noticed a huge difference in my progress, I initially thought it would take months to heal. I was hugely impressed with Brendan’s professionalism. I am now able to walk, bend and straighten my knee with no pain. Would highly recommend IOSP to anyone. Christine
  • Best physio I have had over my 20 years of long distance running. Matt
  • I felt very well looked after every time I came here. Brendan is very experienced and always found the problem and my injury always recovered very well. Also I appreciate the valuable suggestions for the strengthening exercises to do at home. That really helped. Wen
  • I’ve been coming to see Brendan with a range of sporting injuries over several years. I can always rely on Brendan to get right to the heart of the problem and resolve it quickly. He is always professional and displays excellent professional knowledge. He offers a range of treatment options. I highly recommend Brendan. Marnie
  • Brendan quickly gets to the cause of my discomfort bringing immediate relief. He supports my getting back to health with exercise and advice. I have sent many friends and family who all now speak of “their” Brendan. The efficient friendly voice at the end of the phone begins the process towards health – thank you. I had got so good that it has been months between visits. Ann
  • It is great to know and have a place that actually fixes the problem. This is my go-to physio. Thank you. Ben
  • After seeing many physiotherapists and chiropractors, I have found Brendan to be the best at healing my neck and back. Rachael

Three ways you can book with Takapuna:

PHONE us to introduce yourself – Takapuna Physio Clinic, phone 486 5075

BOOK ONLINE at and choose Takapuna Physio Clinic


NEW patients SAVE $60 for treatments until 30 June 2016

  • the first 3 ACC treatments are zero surcharge (usually $20), and
  • for the first 3 private treatments, we deduct $20 from each treatment.

The reason we charge a surcharge for every treatment is because our assessments are more thorough and treatments are longer/more complex than others provide. But so you get to know the VALUE of our treatments, we’re offering you a SAVING of $20 for the first 3 treatments by when you’ll be feeling much better and you’ll see the VALUE of our treatments.

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