The Institute Of Sport Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation facility that provides treatment for various sports and general injuries. We strive to return the patient to his or her peak performance in the shortest possible time. We have two clinics established in Auckland, ready to provide you with the quality rehabilitation treatment and care you need.

Our History

The Institute of Sport Physiotherapy (IOSP) has its beginnings back in 1980 when owner Graeme Hayhow was invited by many national sports teams to travel with them as their team physio. Hayhow began to establish a name for himself, and pretty soon, clients started asking for him by name. To serve his growing clientele better, Hayhow formed the Institute of Sport and Corporate Health Gym in 1984, a facility that focused on fitness for corporate people and top sports teams.

Since day one, the Institute has not only been active in providing professional rehabilitation care to its own clientele, but also supplying the community with the resources it needs to know more about and prevent injuries. Promoting physiotherapy in sports, we are proud to be regularly involved in the local sports community, providing quality physiotherapy services and assistance to local teams.

Our Abilities

We have an expert staff adept at assessing and treating musculoskeletal problems, sports injury, surgery recovery, chronic back pain, acute pain, nerve pain, joint pain, and a whole lot more. We have developed strategic alliances with leading local complementary fitness and health services, allowing us to complement best practices with open and caring service.

The Institute Of Sport Physiotherapy has all the knowledge, experience, and expertise you want to see in a physiotherapist clinic. We have deep knowledge on all forms of sports and general injuries. We also understand how to reduce recovery time, as well as how to get patients back to school, work, training, or sports faster. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

We have two locations to serve you

Institute of Sport Physiotherapy has one location in Grafton and another one in Takapuna. If you wish to learn more about our services, simply contact the facility nearest you. Our friendly, courteous staff will be waiting at the other end of the line.

Grafton Physio Clinic
Phone: (09) 379 5767
Fax: (09) 303 2144

Takapuna Physio Clinic
Phone/Fax: (09) 486 5075