Grafton, Auckland City (August 11, 2016) – Institute of Sport Physio offers Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT) to patients dealing with specific conditions or injuries. While most professionals in the medical field can attest to the numerous benefits of receiving electro therapy, they are only recommended for those deemed to be good candidates for the treatment.

EPRT is a treatment that delivers ultra-low currents that are ensured to be compatible with the electric current running through the cells of the human body – safely, effectively and with consistently positive results.  These currents are delivered through using a Registered Medical Device called a BodiHealth unit.  EPRT then helps energise cells that are not in the ideal balance in order to accelerate the body’s natural healing abilities.

Electro therapy is usually good for people who experience a great deal of stress, vulnerability to seasonal colds or flu and inability to recover fast from injuries.  It speeds healing.  The Institute of Sport Physio uses EPRT on patients who are not recovering as fast as expected.

EPRT improves the healing and recovery process of the body at the cellular level, which is why it is ideal for athletes, professional or otherwise.  It heals orthopaedic and sports injuries, particularly in the area of acute injury and post surgical wound healing, like a fractured ankle.

One other major benefit is that the healing and recovery avoids the intake of prescription drugs or undergoing costly surgeries. EPRT has also been proven to decrease nerve pain and help manage discomforts brought about by TMJ in patients. Individuals that suffer from inflammation caused by injuries or other conditions will be glad to know that EPRT helps reduce the swelling and provides relief from chronic pain.

If you’re looking at months of recovery from an injury or cannot recover as fast as you’d like, ask Graeme Hayhow if he thinks EPRT treatments would assist.

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About Institute Of Sport Physiotherapy

The Institute Of Sport Physiotherapy was established by Graeme Hayhow in 1980. The company is certified by ACC as an Endorsed Provider and their staff are qualified and registered by law. Operating out of Grafton, they also offer their physio services to areas like Mt. Eden, Newmarket and Parnell.