Takapuna, North Shore (September 3, 2015) – The Institute of Sport Physiotherapy (IOSP), a physio and rehabilitation services provider with a clinic in Takapuna, employs multiple disciplines in treating people who experience physical pain or injury.

The overall goal of IOSP in their practice is to help each patient attain pain-free and healthy living, which its therapists accomplish through full restoration of mobility to body parts affected by pain or injury. The provider regards the skills, knowledge, experience, and values of the therapist as important factors in attaining the said goal.

The specific objectives of the rehabilitative treatment and physiotherapy from IOSP includes alleviation of pain and disability, as well as the restoration of the overall health of the patient and optimal physical function of the affected body part/s. In all its practices, only experts are assigned for each patient depending on the particular treatment plan. Aside from ensuring expertise, the provider also makes sure all therapists uphold trust, integrity, and respect.

In formulating the treatment plan, the therapists follow an assess-diagnose-treat process. IOSP states that the patient’s first visit is usually the longest because the therapists make it a point to carefully assess and diagnose the patient’s problem. This way, the therapist can formulate a plan that will work most efficiently for the patient.

IOSP believes that each case is unique and its particular concerns must all be addressed for an effective treatment. Thus, the provider makes use of a multidisciplinary approach in its practices. This means that a group of experts work as a team in order to provide a holistic treatment that will restore the patient to full, pain-free functionality.

Sports injuries are among the types of cases handled by IOSP, wherein they give particular attention to speed of recovery time. The aim is to allow the patient to return to participation in his or her chosen sports as quickly as possible. For more details on its services, particularly from the Takapuna clinic, book online or call 486 5075.

About Institute of Sport Physiotherapy

The Institute of Sport Physiotherapy has two main clinics: in Grafton and Takapuna. Brendan King is among the physiotherapists practicing at the Takapuna clinic where he utilises his 10 years of experience in sports physiotherapy and musculoskeletal injuries to provide treatment to patients. Included in his expertise are neck and back injuries, as well as sports injuries. He also deals with headaches and migraines.